Perform-3D is an excellent tool for evaluation of Performance Based Design using nonlinear analysis options as the real-life behaviour of buildings subjected to strong ground shaking is highly non-linear. Code-based traditional design considers inelastic behaviour only implicitly. Displacement-based design considers inelastic behaviour explicitly, using nonlinear inelastic analysis tools. Nonlinear inelastic analysis helps you to recognize the expected deformations in the building under an earthquake and you can check the capacity of an element to deform to the expected deformation explicitly!  

Procedures for displacement-based design using inelastic analysis are specified in ASCE 41, and FEMA documents. However, PERFORM-3D is a general tool for implementing displacement-based design. It is not limited to ASCE 41 or FEMA 440. Displacement based capacity design is a rational way to improve the response of a structure in a strong earthquake, by deliberately controlling its behaviour. 

You can control the inelastic behaviour of a structure, by allowing ductile behaviour at the locations of your choice while at the other locations the structure remains essentially elastic and less ductile.Perform-3D offers excellent modelling options to model the expected nonlinear behaviour in columns, shear walls, beams, braces, dampers and base isolators. Nonlinear pushover and dynamic time history analyses options give you the nonlinear analysis tools you need.

The analysis results show the status of nonlinear hinges and aggregate response is given by demand to capacity ratio for defined limit states. PERFORM-3D gives you the necessary tools to fine tune the strength-based design of a building to meet the desired displacement demand under earthquake loads!


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